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Women's Fashion Trends of 2017: Part 1

Posted on 11 March 2017













Women's Fashion Trends of 2017: Part 1

One of the perks of being a boutique is that you are "in the loop" with the trends that are coming down the pike from the Runway to us. Sometimes they take over, and everyone is wearing a particular trend (tassels last year), and sometimes they never come into fruition. The trends that will be in this series have some serious movement behind them already. We will, as always, offer these trends in a way that lets you stay trendy while keeping within your comfort zone. The trend we focus on today is ruffles.



If you envision ruffles for the first time, you may wrinkle your nose and say, "Not my trend," but I hope that you'll give this a chance. The tops and dresses that have got this style down pat are really taking care to make it an addition instead of the entire piece of clothing. It takes a basic top from acceptable to exceptional. We have some tops that I can't stop staring at and thinking, I love this top!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tiered Bell Sleeve Top                                     \

Tiered Bell Sleeve Top, $34

Why are ruffles so great?

They're feminine. I'm all about the girly-ness of a cute top. When you like to rock a pair of basic jeans, it's important to give special attention to the top. Styling your clothes is about giving a little pop of wow while keeping the rest basic. It creates a casual comfort that looks confident and sexy. This is one of the many styles in my arsenal. A top with some ruffle is a perfect addition to any closet owner who is looking for variety.  Now it's time to take a chance and fall in love with some tops or dresses that wow you and make you feel gorgeous.




This is the first installment of Spring Trends of 2017. If this one doesn't blow your mind, you're going to find one that does. So, until next time...stay confident and love your look.


Ruffled Arm Top, $36                                                       

Ruffled Arm Top, $36                                                             Layers of Purple, $49

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