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How to Prepare for Back to School

Posted on 02 August 2016

Get Ready for Back to School


You know what I’m talking about.

That dreaded day is looming in the near distant future. The day that summer fun is gone and waking up early, running through the morning prep and getting to class becomes your routine.

While you may want to avoid the topic altogether, the reality is that many start shopping for back to school starting at the end of July. Whether it’s the stores who inspire the shopping or the efficient shoppers making sure to get a leg up, it still is the reality of the summer: preparing for back to school.

So what’s the main thing that people shop for? Typically it’s clothes, dorm room accessories and necessities, and backpacks. What’s the best part of back to school? The new wardrobe, of course. Back in the day, I remember looking forward to back to school shopping because it meant new clothes that would help shape the identity that I was looking to represent. It’s important for many to feel great about what they wear. That’s what gives the confidence to take on the school year.

What should you be looking to get you through the school year? Let’s look at some pieces that’ll make you feel amazing about yourself.


  1. Jeans-  whether you’re looking to wear skinny jeans or are feeling bold enough to rock the bell bottoms, finding a few pairs of jeans will benefit you greatly. They’re perfect for practically every type of top. Try to get a variety of colors. Jeans come in all sorts of colors now but don’t forget to have a dark wash that’ll match basically everything in your closet.


  1. Cute Tops- the world is filled with really cute tops. From fun prints, to fun back designs, the world is your oyster. However, I would suggest getting a few neutral tops as well. If your budget isn’t huge, getting a bunch of the vibrant prints will only make those shirts really noticeable, leaving you with a limitation on how many times you can wear the top (in a short span of time). Grabbing a few neutrals extends your wardrobe by allowing you to dress them up with a jacket or another top.


  1. Boots- If you’re an Ugg lover or like yourself a pair of basic wedges, you need boots. They are the staple for creating a polished look. Honestly, it’s the spot you should invest in, too. A really nice pair of boot can last a few seasons if treated with a little respect. Is your budget tight? Get black boots at the very least and grow your collection next year. Again, stay away from anything too showy, it’ll limit the amount of use.


  1. Sneakers- There will be days where you’re not going to want to deck yourself out to go to class, so you may want to get a great pair of sneakers that’ll give you great support for exercise and be comfy for school.


  1. Yoga pants (?)- I know how heated this topic can get. Some people can’t live without yoga pants while others feel very strongly that they should only be worn in a yoga class. Yet, these are the girl’s version of sweatpants. They’re fitted, letting you feel girly, and they’re comfortable for those days where you just aren’t in the mood to dress up. Lululemon didn’t make an empire on athletes alone. People love wearing their clothes because of the fresh styles and the comfort that comes with it.


  1. One good hoodie- You all know the one. It’s oversized, it’s comfortable, and it’s meant to just carry you through the days that you need a little extra love. If you do find that hoodie that steals your heart, try to keep it out of the dryer as long as possible and cherish that soft new sweatshirt interior for a bit longer (sigh). Seriously, whoever figures out a way to keep that feeling in the sweatshirt for the lifetime of the product is going to make some crazy bank!

Is that all?

There are tons of things that you can add to this list: scarves, jackets, jewelry, backpack, etc, but they is all pretty much based on individual style. The most important thing to remember is that no matter what it is that you choose to get, make sure that you’re going to wear it, and you’re going to feel great about yourself wearing it!

If you have anything to add, feel free to comment below!

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