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How to Dress Comfortably without Looking Frumpy

Posted on 23 July 2017

How to dress comfortably without looking frumpy

Starting Avady wasn’t an accident.

I was tired of going to the store and finding clothing that was cute, but, when I tried it on, I didn’t like the fit. I was uncomfortable and didn’t want to wear the clothes that I purchased. That coupled with the true inconvenience I find store shopping to be (I have two children and only half pay attention to what I’m doing when I go out) lead me to create Avady.

Sure, there are other boutiques out there lead by fabulous women, but, for me, many were not my style or a little too expensive for my budget. I struggled with finding the go to store that would provide me with soft colors and comfortable styles, and (confessions time) styles that would hide my mom tummy. I don’t feel comfortable wearing styles that are fitted. I constantly worry about my tummy when I sit or, honestly, do anything.

Creating a boutique offering styles that provided women with comfort was a high priority for me.

Dressing should be a fun experience. We want to feel our very best at any occasion. Clothes, whether people want to admit it or not, do play a role in how we feel. If I don’t feel like my clothes fit well, part of my thoughts are constantly on that instead of being in the moment. Who wants that?

Comfort comes in many ways.

The fabric should be soft and unrestricted. Fabrics with stretch are great. They let one move with ease and give a body freedom during the highs and lows of our shape. Instead of worrying about how the three pounds you gained on your weekend trip make your top snug, you look great and make memories. Sure there are some beautiful fabrics that don’t have stretch to them, but you may want to keep other points in mind when adding them to your collection.


Not all fabrics give the stretch that one so desires, but the print is gorgeous and you want to rock it.

We’ve all been there. You spot this gorgeous print and need it in your life. Sadly, this is not a fabric that will stretch with your movements. With these fabrics, it’s nice to get them in a swing type top. Tops that hang loose around the belly in this fabric will keep you comfortable during your night out with the girls.  There are so many cute swing tops out there that transition beautifully from daytime to nighttime.

What should you wear with these swing tops?

Wearing a loose top and baggy bottoms will lead one to look frumpy. You want balance in your outfit. That’s why I always recommend a pair of skinny jeans with our loose fitting tops. If you’re concerned about feeling comfortable in skinny jeans, you don’t need to be. There are so many that have amazing stretch to them, leaving you feeling comfortable throughout the day.  Look for jeans that have spandex in the materials.

What about length?

This is completely up to the wearer. Some of my friends and clients look and feel amazing in tops that sit at the belly button. Personally, I like my tops to sit at the hip. It works well with my body, and, from the confessions of a few of our clients, it works for them as well. Regardless of whether  they’re a size 12 or size 2, it’s all about comfort. The best recommendation is to go with what makes you feel comfortable.

Why does any of this matter?

As I stated before, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with clothing for most of my life. I look forward to going out then, when it’s time to get dressed, find only frustration. After many trials and errors, I’ve found that certain fabrics and cuts allow me to enjoy the company I’m with instead of constantly obsessing with whether or not my outfit is sitting well. I want that for every woman out there.  

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