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Fall Trends of 2016: Top 5 Fashion Trends for You to Try

Posted on 29 August 2016

Top Fall Trends of 2016

Every time I write about the newest trends, it feels kind of like a scam because none of these trends are that new. In fact, many of this season’s fashion trends are basically throwbacks to my childhood, meaning many of these trends are basically recycled from 20 years ago. Don’t believe me? Watch the movie Clueless, and you’ll see basically all of these trends.

Chokers are back:

Yes, you heard it right. Chokers are now all the rage. Check out every fashion page or some of the style icons (hello, Kendall Kardashian), and you’ll see it.

How are people wearing it?

The simple velvet choker is one way to wear this trend. Another popular way to wear it is using a suede leather wrap as a choker; some are just the choker and other options include a drape of the suede leather. This trend is growing, so you will find the layered choker which is really popular as well.

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The rich fabric is back! If you’re not looking to invest heavily in this trend, or, like me, get the heebee geebee's, you may look to add this trend as an accent. There are really cute tops with velvet trim that look amazing on. Truth be told, velvet is such a rich beautiful and forgiving fabric that it's perfect for the cold season.

How are people wearing it?

Tons of accents on tops and many long skirts and dresses made of the fabric are taking over. It can be broken up with a belt or cardigan.

Bomber Jacket:

I kinda love this trend. The bomber jacket is back. In fact, it’s hard to keep them in stock. People love the look. It's a perfect jacket for the fall because it's pretty lightweight and adds a little texture to your outfit.

How are people wearing it?

It looks amazing with a pair of skinnies and a fitted top. That’ll keep it proportionate and looking amazing.

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A fitted turtleneck, a cowl neck sweater, heck, even the choker neck tops are so fashionable this season. What can be greater?! You get to keep cozy while looking your best.

How are people wearing it?

This style looks good on a turtleneck crop top or regular length with a skinny jean (you can even throw on that bomber jacket).


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Frayed jean hems:

No, you didn’t get a defective pair of jeans :) Many jean designers are loving this, and so am I. You are going to find your skinnies and bells rocking this hem. It’s just another way of destroying the jeans and looking oh so fine.

There you go. Five ways to keep on trend this season without completely changing your wardrobe. Enjoy the “new” trends and have fun with them. The most important thing to remember is that you need to feel gorgeous, so do what only you love.

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