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Top 5 Coachella Clothing Trends You Can Wear Everyday

Posted on 24 April 2016

Top 5 Coachella Trends to Incorporate into your Everyday Look

Coachella is not only considered an amazing festival to go to but a chance to see what trends are coming down the pike. While many of us won’t be walking around in a bikini or only rocking flowers on top, this is a source of style inspiration for many. The most important thing to realize is that many of the styles that are worn during the 6 day music festival are to celebrate the moment. With that said, there are so many ways to take that inspiration and apply it to your everyday wear this year. So what is it that seemed to have traction this year? Let’s check out the top 5 trends that seemed to come out and play this past weekend.

Top 5 Coachella Trends

Boho- Lordy, I feel like all I write about lately is Boho. I mean, I know that it’s for good reason: ladies love it. This festival season was much more about the causal comfort and style that Boho clothing offers. If you want to feel Coachella inspired in your spring and summer wardrobe, start searching for a Boho style that you love.

White- So many people seem to be wearing white this past weekend. And why not? When thinking of true classics, white is the best color for the spring and summer season. Whether people were rocking white bikini tops or totally white clad outfits, the color stood out in the crowd.

Jean shorts- Keeping with the casual tone, the prevalence of cutoff, distressed jean shorts is huge. And why not? These types of shorts look adorable with any boho inspired top or bikini top. This is an easy look that has some staying power to it.

Handkerchiefs- This rodeo classic is playing center stage at this year’s event. EVERYONE seems to be wearing them. How? Ladies are wearing them around the neck (and using them as a mask when needed) and using them to pull back hair. Will this look stay around? Not sure. But I do know that it’s a pretty inexpensive way to jump on board and join the Coachella love.

Booties- This trend might be more of necessity than sole love of fashion (no pun intended, I swear). Whatever the case may be, the booties look super cute with all of the styles listed above. If you’re not down for wearing flip flops (and please don’t if you’re really going to Coachella), try to make those dogs pop with a bootie.

Notice that nothing mentioned cannot be incorporated into your everyday style. The goal is to find inspiration and fall in love with something that makes you feel beautiful. If none of these options float your boat, try just adding a loose braid to your style. Keeping it organic is always a way to go.

If you have any styles that you absolutely loved from Coachella, let us know.

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