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We are Looking for a Few Good Bloggers

Posted on 27 December 2015

What is an affiliate program?

By basic definition, an affiliate program is a marketing opportunity for someone to receive a commission when advertising for a parent company, like us.

What is Avady Clothing Company's affiliate program all about?

After much research, we decided to partner with Sharasale because of the outstanding reputation they have. Currently, we are looking to work with fashion bloggers and sites that focus on fashion. When selecting our affiliates, we are looking for people and sites that share in our passion for fashion and making women realize how beautiful they really are. It is important to us that our affiliates are all about promoting good self esteem to their audience. While that is not our only criteria, it's very important that our affiliates share our same values.

How do I get involved?

Our affiliate program is promoted on its own page at the bottom of our website; however, here's a link to apply to our affiliate program. We try to respond within 48 hours of receiving the application.

                                              Avady Clothing Company's Affiliate Program Application



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