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In Love with Leggings

Posted on 08 November 2015

I recently stumbled across something on Pinterest that made me chuckle. It was an article on how leggings shouldn’t be considered a pant. While the overall objective of the article was to request that people don’t wear leggings in the same way they would wear jeans, it made me think about their true value.

Keep it Cool Leggings Keep it Cool Leggings, $23

I LOVE leggings. They’re the sneaky way to be comfortable while looking polished, but it’s true that they should be worn with caution. First, it really is imperative that one wear a long tunic or sweater with them. It’s the perfect time of the year because all of the stores are selling long tops. Another great idea to keep in mind is the shoe. Leggings work really well with taller boots. That’s not to say that people can’t look dynamite with a bootie or ballet, but, if you’re just starting off, try to high boot it.

Midnight Fun Leggings, $35

Within the last few years, leggings have gotten even better. For those of you who don’t know what fleece leggings are, they’re a dream. They’re lined in fleece but don’t worry, they aren’t bulky. When you put them on, it feels like you’ve slipped into a brand new sweatshirt. I wore a pair to a day out with my friends and our kids, and we spent the entire day pumpkin picking and hanging out outside. It was cold, but my legs were so warm. Knowing that I want to preserve that cozy warmth for as long as possible, I have been washing them and then air drying them. No dryer! Think about what a dryer does to your new sweatshirts. That beautiful soft feeling turns into regular old sweatshirt. If you want to preserve the comfort, make sure to hand wash, or, at the very least, air dry your leggings.

  Fleece Leggings, available in black and brown, $15

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