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Check Out Our New Features

Posted on 01 November 2015

Since we’re constantly trying to find ways to make your experience awesome, we are super psyched to let you know that three great things have happened at Avady Clothing Company.

First, we have now added Amazon Payments.

This is awesome. Why? You ask. Well, now you can quickly pay with your Amazon account (and who doesn’t have one of those). This makes it incredibly easy to do some shopping on the go. No need to worry about credit card information; all you need to remember is the username and password for your Amazon account. Amazon then lets us know that payment has been received and then sends us your payment. If you’re one of the few who don’t have an Amazon account, don’t worry, we still have Paypal and credit card processing right on the site.

We’ve added a Favorites button.

Notice that little heart next to each item? It's a Favorites button! This is really a great feature because now you can catalog your favs and buy them when you’re ready. Don’t wait too long; however, there’s nothing more frustrating than going back to your favs and finding out that something is sold out. FYI, You need an Avady Clothing Company account to save items to your favorites list.

The MOST exciting addition is our new Loyalty Rewards program.

We’re super grateful for all of our customers- you’re the reason why we keep doing what we do. Now, we want to give you a perk for looking to us for your clothing and accessories, so we found a way to reward you for shopping. If you want to sign up for our rewards program (and who wouldn’t? It would be like throwing money away!), all you have to do is create an Avady Clothing Company account (this is different from signing up for our emails and promotions). The account keeps track of your purchases and allots you 10 points for every dollar you spend. Plus you get 200 points for signing up. You can cash them in quickly for $5 off or bank them for even bigger savings. Keep in mind, though, that you cannot use the rewards money in conjunction with another discount code- our system doesn’t allow for that . :(

We hope to keep offering you the best in everything because we adore you. Thanks for shopping with us.

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