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Getting Ready for the Cool Weather

Posted on 12 October 2015

Personally, I love the cool weather. Fall is a favorite for people for many reasons: the weather isn't too cold, we're kinda tired of always being hot, the holiday season is around the corner, and pumpkin everything! All of the fall festivities mean spending time with family and friends picking apples or pumpkins, walking town festivals, or just hanging out. 

This means you have an opportunity to look your best! Here are a few surefire ways to add style to anything you wear when outdoors.

1. Vests - Vests are perfect for fall weather. It isn't cold enough to call for a heavy jacket, and the weather can go from chilly to too warm in the matter of an hour. Here are a few that you can add to your wardrobe.

 The Promptly Perfect, $39 + free shipping 

Fringe of Society, $69 + free shipping

2. Scarves - Scarves accessorize an outfit by adding a hit of color and design while serving to keep you warm if you wear lighter clothing. The Favorite Tartan Blanket does just that.

 Favorite Tartan Blanket Scarf, $28 + free shipping

3. Cardigans - I love myself some cardigans; they're perfect for this type of weather. I wear them instead of a jacket during the fall because they're a little lighter. Our most popular cardigan this season is the Cozy Aztec Cardigan.

Cozy Aztec Cardigan, $59 + free shipping 

These are just of few of my favorite things. Let us know what is a must have for your fall wardrobe.



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