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What to Wear to Work: One Week Down

Posted on 16 September 2015

While many of us love our jobs, finding something to wear early in the morning can be a challenge, especially at this time of year when the weather app is the first thing that we go to when we wake up. 

To make it a wee bit easier, I've selected 5 days worth of clothing.

Day 1-Something simple yet beautifully feminine: I chose the grey culottes and white 3/4 sleeve top because it's insanely adorable and girly. The culottes are shorter, so they can help with the warm weather spells that go with September oh so well. The white 3/4 sleeve top is beautiful and, bonus, on sale!!!

              white 3/4 sleeve top 

You can click on the pictures to be directed to the product page.

Day 2: Black and white is a classic: I love black and white (Can you tell? the Avady logo is black and white!). It never goes out of style, and people look great in it. I really adore the abstract print top because it's professional looking, and it pairs well with the long way wide leg pant.


Day 3: Dresses, dresses, dresses: Thinking about this as a potential Wednesday, I feel that everyone will, by this point in the week, feel utterly exhausted and may be looking for a way to make the morning routine a little easier. What's easier than sliding into only one piece of clothing? I chose the simply darling dress because the name has never fit a piece better. This dress is so cute and looks great on every figure (thanks, ruching!).

Simply Darling dress

Day 4: Black and white, again: I know, I know, I have issues with loving the basics, but this back to basics skirt is perfect for going to work and then potentially going out with some co-workers after the day is done. It's also stretch top band, so it's forgiving. The basic black seamless tank is perfect for after work; all you need to add is a little black cardigan for your 9-5, and you're good to go!



Day 5: Whoot, whoot! The weekend is here (almost): Many people tone it down on the last day of the week, so I chose a dress that's still professional, but it offers a little more of a casual style. I chose the day break dress for its forgiving material that lets you feel comfortable while looking dynamite.  


So, what's the grand total for these 5 different looks? Only $284 before any tax and free shipping (that's 8 pieces of clothing)!


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