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How to Dress For a Weekend Excursion!

Posted on 28 May 2016

Avady Loves Every Day Fashion

It's true. It's what we do. Why? Because sometimes worrying only about your professional wardrobe can leave you feeling like you're not representing your true self. We look forward to weekends, so we can unwind and dress down in gorgeous clothing that looks amazing.

The warm weather means we're going out more!

I don't know about you, but I am pretty much a homebody until the warm weather hits. In the winter, I'd prefer to sit around the fire with a few friends than brave the cold temperatures. The warm weather took its time getting to us here on the East coast, but I'm happy to say that I think it's here to stay.

What does that mean?

It means planning weekend excursions out East - we're lucky enough to live by the Hamptons and all of the wonderful wineries that Long Island is known for. We also have farmer's markets come out of the woodworks in different communities around the Island. It's an amazing opportunity to be outside, engaged in fun activities, and looking great. Truth be told, you don't need to live on Long Island to find some reason to enjoy being outdoors. 

What should You Wear?

First off, anything that makes you feel confident and beautiful. It helps when you feel great about yourself, and one way to get you feeling great is by wearing something that makes you proud and happy.

We've come up with a really cute outfit that we think can work for that casual every day style. The first thing we want to be is comfortable, so no heels. With gladiator sandals taking over the season, it's a great way to remain comfortable and stylish. I would warn that you should make sure to wear some solid SPF because that would be one terrible suntan line :)

We think a lightweight, beautiful floral will bring your style game up a few notches. It's perfect for a day out because you can throw on a cardigan if it gets chilly or show off those shoulders that you've been working so hard on.


Distressed jean shorts. If you have a favorite pair, now's the time to rock 'em. If you don't, you can try finding ones like ours. They have some stretch to them which will be comfortable to wear.

A little longer length, check out these here.

                                                                              Raw Edge Jean Shorts

                                                                         Everyone's favorite shorts, learn more here.

A big casual bag. We went with a beach tote because you may want to pack things in there like sunscreen and bug spray, but it can also hold any purchases you make while out. That's a win, win.

Aviators are our go to when it comes to style. They're so perfect because of how many types of outfits that they can work with.  They're great for work and the weekends. That's something we also love: double duty fashion!


What's your favorite thing to wear on your weekend excursions? Comment below.


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