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Top 6 Things to "Get" Mom When You're Broke

Posted on 30 April 2016

Top 6 Things to "Get" Mom for Mother's Day When You're Broke

The Mother’s Day countdown is on.

If you haven’t done so already, it may be time to start planning out what you want to get for that special lady in your life. She deserves a special day because she’s your momma! Depending on your budget, you may be able to hop onto Amazon or her favorite store and get her a gorgeous necklace or top. If that’s what you’re planning on doing, that’s great. All you have to do is pay attention to how she dresses now (you can even check her shopping bag stash to see where her favorite store is). If you’re low on cash, we have a few ideas that cost little to no money and will be even better than that cute top she may be obsessed with.  I’m going to throw down a little honesty here: your mom would probably rather spend time with you than get a gift. The only thing that’s important is that it doesn’t come off like you just woke up Mother’s Day morning and had nothing planned. Have a plan that will make Mom feel special.

Not sure what to do? Check out these options:

  1. Mani Pedi-    Treat mom to a mani-pedi and a cup of coffee. This is a nice time to relax and talk about what’s going on. Better yet, instead of doing a walk in, get yourself an appointment, so mom knows that you planned ahead.                                                  

  2. Plan on watching a movie with her.  You can look for a mother and daughter flick, a new release she’s been wanting to see, or a classic that she loves. Then, grab a few snacks and arrive ready to chill with mom and bond.

  3. Get out in nature. I live on the East coast, so I’ve got amazing boardwalks and parks all around me. Every state has a great place to get outside and get moving. May is a warm enough month to spend an hour or so out there. This will give you a great opportunity to talk and reconnect, if need be.                                                         
  4. Spend a meal together. You don’t have to go fancy. In fact, you can probably get away with cooking something from what you already have. The truth is that Mom doesn’t care what it is but that it was made with love (cheesy, but true).                          
  5. Go window shopping. While you may not have much cash to buy something for Mom, it may be just as nice to go out there and browse together. It’s more about getting out and spending the time together, anyway.                                                  
  6. Clean for her. Probably not your first choice, but moms all over are tired. The amount of chores that need to get done can be overwhelming and, by alleviating that load, you may give her just the rest that she needs.

All moms want is time spent with the ones they love. In most cases, if mom wants something, she can afford to get it for herself. What she really craves is being appreciated and honored. That doesn’t need to translate into a big, expensive gift.

Oh, and most importantly, tell mom how you love her and appreciate all that she put into raising you.

If you've done anything amazing that you want to add, comment below and share. We'd love to hear.


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