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The Hottest Warm Weather Clothing Trends of 2016

Posted on 08 April 2016

Warm Weather Clothing Trends for 2016
 Now that the warm weather is around the corner, people are investing in what’s in their closets again. It seems to be a universal truth that style comes alive once the weather gets warmer. This is not to say that people don’t know how to bring it in the fall and winter, but something changes once the days get longer and the temperature rises. I don’t know if it’s the exposure to more vitamin D or whatever, but I do know that girls love themselves some warm weather styles. So what’s going to be hot this year? Let’s find out.

     The first trend in warm weather clothing that has been increasing in popularity is the Bohemian inspired clothing. Designers and bloggers alike are gravitating to the loose and flowy shirts, bell bottoms, large brimmed hats, and layered necklaces. With Coachella coming upon us, now’s the time to get inspired and go Boho. So what can you pull off without looking like you're at the original 1969 Woodstock? Take the Bohemian styles and pair them with everyday clothes to bring it into your comfort zone.

     Boho is not the only hot weather fashion trend gaining traction. There are so many favorite styles that are filling the hearts of fashionistas everywhere. Here are  7 of the best for everyday style.

Embroidered Tops- Having colorful embroidery is so Boho. It’s such a perfect warm weather clothing look because the tops are lightweight and the embroidery design is a perfect pop of color.

      How can you wear it? Personally, I think that pants are the way to go. With the  relationship we have with skinny jeans still going strong, it’s the perfect pairing. If you’re feeling like celebrating that 70s vibe with a bit more intensity, why not try it with a chunky belt (more in the buckle) and a pair of bell bottoms?

Paislee Top, click the pic for more info.




Motos- For those of you who don’t know what motos are, they’re the jeggings or jeans that everyone is going gaga over right now. They have pleats that "goes" asymmetrical on the thigh.  

          How can you wear it?  Super cute and perfect with a loose fitting button down. Open up the collar and throw on a dainty chain to sit in the opening. Also cute with a pair of booties.  

                                                          Moto style jeggings moto style jeggings


Open Toe Booties- You know what these are, you’re probably seeing them on every Pinterest board about shoes or styled outfits on bloggers. They are oh so perfect!

     How can you wear it? Any skinny type of pant (think skinny jeans or fitted dress pants) looks amazing, and they are perfect to wear with a skirt, too. It’s their versatility that makes them a must have.

Open Toe Booties Found on Amazon; click the pic to buy

Open weave sweaters- If you can get one that drops off the shoulder, that’s a bonus! The open weave makes the sweater more for style than for warmth. You can clearly see under it, so make sure that it's complimented by something sweet.

Open weave sweater     How can you wear it? I’m a personal fan of the basic white tank; you don't want the sweater to have to compete for attention, but it looks great with a bikini top or tube top, too. If you’re wearing a tank underneath, it can be worn to a Casual Friday day or typical work day (just keep your sweater on your shoulders;), but you need to pair it with a pair of dressier pants. If you want to make it completely low key with the tube top or bikini top, throw on a pair of cut offs and go.

                                                Sherise Sweater, click the pic

Shift dress- Why is the shift dress so perfect for warm weather? It can be dressed up or down, and it doesn’t show every bulge from last night’s margaritas. It really is the most versatile item you can have in your closet.

          How can you wear it? Practically any way. Wear it alone with sandals and a dainty necklace - that’s the most low key way. You can throw on a belt to make it less shift and wear a cute pair of booties. Another way you can wear it is with a long open cardigan, layer necklaces, and those on booties, again. It is a perfect style for work or going out depending on what you choose to pair with it.

                                      Dallas Shift Dress, click the pic

Cut offs- Cut offs = summer. There are so many types of cut offs, but the most popular ones are the distressed jeans. They are extremely casual but are not limited to a plain tank or bikini top. Ladies are dressing them up and making them relevant to many situations.

     How can you wear it? As I said, it is the first image you have of summer: cut offs, a tank, and flip flops. But so many women are taking cut offs off the beach and into the streets. How? Anchor them with a nice belt and put on a wrap top or a loose flowy button down. You can even wear it with one of those embroidered tops and a pair of gladiator sandals. Taking a dressier shirt and down playing it with the distressed shorts is a hot look.
                               Talia short, click the pic

Accessories- There are too many to list, but accessorizing an outfit can complete the look. There are a variety of ways to do it. Work with what will make your outfit pop and don’t add too many accessories. Like Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”

           How can you wear it? If you’re wearing a necklace with a strong presence, go light on the earring and bracelet. If your earrings are talking, either omit or keep it dainty with the necklace and so on. One thing that is really important when wearing necklaces, keep the neckline of your shirt in mind. Plain and flat? Try something like a layered necklace or long tassel. Open button down? Go with something lightweight and dainty. To really break it down is a completely different blog post.


Honna Necklace,click the pic      Honna necklace

 The most important trend of any season is to love what you wear. Nothing looks better on a girl than confidence. That comes from feeling great about yourself. 


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